GH5 4K Test Footage

Video – GH5 4k Test Footage

I recently upgraded to a Panasonic Lumix GH5. This was the first time taking the camera to an event. The intent was to familiarize myself with the 4K60 and the 1080P120 capabilities.

Project Narrative

Overall, I'm really happy with the results for this first attempt at "shooting in the wild".

The camera was fairly intuitive, and having the C1 and C2 custom dial slots set to 4K60 and 1080P120 made it quick and easy to switch between modes.


Camera Settings

All footage was captured using the v-log color profile (and later graded in Premiere). All footage was also capture in manual mode, with varying ISO and aperture settings. Shutter speeds for all footage typically adhered to the 180 degree rule (125 for the 4K60 footage, and 250 for the 1080P120 footage.

The 4K footage was all captured at 60 fps using AFS autofocus. The 1080P footage was all captured at 120 fps (VFR) using manual focus.

All camera work was done handheld.

The lens used was the Panasonic 25mm/F1.7.


Lessons Learned

I found that, for the shots captured at 120fps in manual focus, it was helpful to have a smaller aperture (5.6+) in order to increase the depth of field. This allowed my subject to stay in focus even if my focusing wasn't perfect (or the subject changed distance suddenly). It was hard to manually focus using the small touchscreen on such a bright day. The "focus assist", which consists of blue lines showing the areas in focus, was really helpful to quickly get a ballpark focus accuracy.

The shot inside the "bubble tube" caused a bit of bubble fluid to drip onto the camera. The camera's weather sealed body seemed to do its job well.


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