The E-mail Address You Should Be Using

Too many folks today are using the wrong e-mail address. Are you a professional? Is your e-mail address?

The wrong e-mail address can send the wrong message – you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Here are the most commonly misused e-mail addresses, along with the e-mail address that you SHOULD be using.

  • Service Provider E-mail (Verizon, Comcast, etc): If you are using one of these e-mail addresses (e.g. for your online business, you need to stop…..NOW! These e-mail addresses scream “I’m a part-timer” or “I’m so new at this ‘internet’ thing that I haven’t even figured out the Gmail offers better e-mail service.” In addition, most of these accounts have strict storage limitations, making them useless for personal e-mail as well. Stop using these accounts.


  • Web-based E-mail Providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc): While these are far better than a service provider e-mail address mentioned above, these e-mail addresses don’t present the professional image you want to portray. These types of accounts are great for sharing cat photos with Grandma, but aren’t the best for instilling confidence in your customers that you’re actually going to ship them the product or provide the service which they just paid for.


  • Your Best Bet? Your Own Domain (e.g. or These e-mail addresses present the most professional image, and also work well to enhance your personal brand through every e-mail you send. The best part, you’ll never have to update your contact information; you can take this e-mail address with you wherever you go in your career, and to any “day job” you may have in the future. In addition, the cost to maintain your own personal domain name and e-mail address is relatively low – you can purchase your own domain name (i.e. for $10-15 per year. If you already have your own website, an e-mail package is likely included at no extra charge. If you currently do not have your own e-mail service, e-mail services can be found for as little as $2/month. Overall, a minimal investment, and well worth it for the positive impact it will have on your brand, and your ability to professionally maintain contact with customers.

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