How to Sell a House on Facebook

Hundreds of houses are bought and sold on Facebook each day. Facebook charges no commissions, no fees, and any Real Estate Broker can do it.

While nobody is going to click a “Buy It Now” button for a $500,000 purchase, it is the connection that is made between buyer/seller and Real Estate Professional that Facebook will accommodate. The best part? It’s free!

As you know, there are countless factors that influence someone to buy or sell their home:

  • Promotion at work
  • Loss of a job
  • Birth of a child
  • Retirement
  • and countless other “triggers”

The key to having those buyers and sellers contact YOU for assistance with their Real Estate Transaction is to ensure that YOUR name is at the forefront of their mind when they need a Real Estate Professional.

This is what Facebook does so beautifully!

Follow the attention and where the eyeballs are. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s what your customers do and where they are.
~Gary Vaynerchuk

Facebook is an ideal way for YOU to connect with FUTURE CLIENTS. Those goofy cat photos…they get shared! Those scenic photos with quotes pasted over the top of them…they get shared! That video you posted of you touring a house and providing insight as to what potential buyers should be wary of…those get shared, A LOT!

One share has the potential to put your name, your face, and your expertise in front of thousands of potential customers.

Brokers who are simply pushing a list of properties to their Facebook page are wasting their time!

There is a golden ratio to maximizing your marketability on Facebook as a Real Estate Professional. The breakdown is as-follows:

  • 25% humor (this includes funny photo caption contests, trivia questions, etc)
  • 25% quotes (these are the nice photos with quotes on them)
  • 40% authority (this is where you share your insight/expertise on topics related to Real Estate)
  • 10% selling (this is where you mention your latest sale or your newest listing)

Humor and quotes keep the largest possible audience engaged with you. Even if one of these “fans” will never buy or sell a property, the chances are high that someone in their Facebook circle WILL. If that person is constantly sharing your photos/videos, and putting your name in front of their circle of friends, this give you credibility, recognizability, and authority. Authority is perhaps the most important, as it establishes you as the expert. When those friends need a Real Estate Professional, your name automatically jumps to the top of the list of potential brokers they will use.

This is the power of Facebook – exponential expansion of your brand and distribution of your expertise.

So, stop posting listings, and start posting more cat photos!

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