Tutorial - Premiere - Time Stutter Effect

Tutorial – Adobe Premiere – Time Stutter Effect

Project Files: Music Track – https://artlist.io/song/3027/wolves?search=wolves BMX Video – https://videos.pexels.com/videos/bmx-jump-trick-852321 Aerial Video – https://videos.pexels.com/videos/aerial-shot-of-city-854977

GH5 4K Test Footage

Video – GH5 4k Test Footage

I recently upgraded to a Panasonic Lumix GH5. This was the first time taking the camera to an event. The intent was to familiarize myself with the 4K60 and the 1080P120 capabilities. Project Narrative Overall, I’m really happy with the results for this first attempt at “shooting in the wild”. The camera was fairly intuitive, …

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Traditional Marketing is Dying

Traditional Marketing is Dying

The heyday of traditional advertising is long gone. Gone are the days of banking on the successes of a well-placed magazine ad or a well-crafted radio spot. We, as consumers, have evolved. We’ve gotten smarter. We’re more conscientious about what we’re being sold on, and how we’re being sold. Interruptive marketing, that is marketing that …

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How to find time to get more done.

How to Find Time

Finding time. Finding time is hard. As life goes along, and more of life’s little surprises accumulate, it can consistently become harder and harder to find time for things. Going for a four-hour hike? I’ll have to check my calendar. Writing the next blog post? Maybe after I change this poopie diaper. Frequent 10-hour video …

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Video – Ferriter Group

A video created for the Ferriter Group, a non-profit organization started by retired Lieutenant General Michael Ferriter which helps veterans and their families. Project Summary Lead Generation: Word of Mouth My Function(s): – Camera Operator – Interviewer – Graphics Editor – All Post Production (video and sound editing) – Camera Crew Lead (coordinator) Additional Personnel: – …

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