About Tim


My Approach

I believe in “learning by doing”. There is no greater teacher than experience. My knowledge comes from decades of learning-by-doing – both successes and failures.

The internet provides an abundance of resources that can show us how to do something. Unfortunately, without actually doing it, one will never transform that information into knowledge.

When I see something that looks interesting – a new video editing technique, a new type of software, a new online platform, etc. – I learn about the topic, and then dive right in experiencing the topic.

I implement the new technology and/or technique in a real-world application – I use the video technique in a marketing video for a client, I use the new platform to sell some product – I learn, by doing.

My experience has shown me that this real-world application of technologies and techniques, through trial-and-error, has been the best way to learn how to do something.

It is my hope that by sharing my decades of application, trial-and-error, and real-world feedback will allow you to reach your own goals, more quickly and effectively.

Want to Jump Start Your Skills?

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